“John R. Bradley has a better pulse on the Mideast reality than anyone.”—ROBERT BAER, former CIA operative and inspiration for the movie Syriana

“John R Bradley is a journalist with extensive experience of the region. I share his scepticism and dismay as regards Western cultural and political naivety.”—MAX HASTINGS, The London Sunday Times

What distinguishes [Bradley] from many other Western commentators is that he has gone native in the Arab world, living among Arab people and immersing himself in Arab culture. What also makes [him] stand out is the way he writes with a manifest determination to make a difference.”—New Statesman

“One of the only people to predict the Arab Spring was the British journalist John R. Bradley. who predicted both the revolution in Egypt as well as the wider Islamist direction of upheaval. and whose prediction of destabilization in Saudi Arabia no longer seems like an outlier …”—Huffington Post

“If the economist Nouriel Roubini became famous as Dr. Doom for having predicted the global financial crisis, John R. Bradley plays the role of Prophet of Darkness in the wake of the Arab uprisings.”—Folha de S. Paulo (Brasil)

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Bradley was born in England and educated at University College London, Dartmouth College and Exeter College, Oxford. Fluent in Egyptian Arabic, he has been covering the Middle East for almost two decades, living independently in working-class neighbourhoods in cities as diverse as Tunis, Cairo, Tangiers, Jeddah and Sanaa.

He has published hundreds of articles in dozens of publications, including the Daily Mail, the Spectator, the Jewish Chronicle, the Economist, the Washington Times, the Telegraph, Salon, the Sunday Times, the Independent, Asia Times, the Washington Quarterly, the New York Post, the Forward and Foreign Affairs.

Bradley has no social media presence, he avoids the usual foreign correspondents’ hangouts and he no longer grants interviews to the media. Instead, he has drawn on his personal, intimate and unique experience of the Middle East to write four critically acclaimed, best-selling books.

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